Protecting our home planet should be our priority. On this page, you can see some snippets of sustainability-related work we’ve created in the past years. These are personal projects to raise awareness.
To help protect the environment and its inhabitants we decided to donate annually to charities that make a difference and fight for change.
In 2021 and 2022 we started this new chapter with our first donations totalling 60000USD to Client Earth.

Client Earth is an international organisation that uses the power of law to bring about end-to-end systemic change to protect the earth for – and with – its inhabitants. They change the system from within, working with, instead of against, its most powerful players. They for example blocked Europe’s largest planned coal plant, pressured the world’s largest multilateral lender to withdraw funding for fossil fuels, prevented the destruction of Europe’s oldest forest, or – in China alone – trained over 1500 judges in environmental law. If you want to know more about who ClientEarth is, what they do, and how you can help as well, please visit