We partnered up with Stormzy to create a 15 Minute virtual performance across 5 virtual worlds. We harnessed the power of motion capture, 3D scanning, and multi dimensional performances, to bring four identical performances of Stormzy’s in a multitude of digital worlds straight to the Spotify app. During the live gig, users can view Stormzy’s performance in different ways at the touch of a button; Stormzy performing as his true self in an intimate stripped back film set or Stormzy’s 3D avatar performing in 5 different 3D virtual worlds.

We shot Stormzy as he performed his 5 song set twice; once in a live action studio in London and also using a full motion capture recording studio setup at Pinewood Studios. The motion capture data was applied to a 3D avatar of Stormzy, which was captured on a separate day. The camera data from the motion capture shoot was also applied to the same edit enabling a seamless duplicate of real and metahuman Stormzy. All the digital worlds and individual looks for Stromzy were created in 3D using Unreal Engine, allowing us to create a lot of 3D content (over 60 minutes in total) and allow users to shift seamlessly from one world to the next mid-show – with everything from his clothes to the backdrop changing while the performance carries on uninterrupted. We worked with Clear Angle Studios to capture the 3D Scan of the rapper, with Imaginaruim to capture and process the motion capture and we also used a Dorothy 3D Photogrammetry System to scan Stormzy’s face in 3D, so we could achieve a very accurate likeness, pushing the cutting edge technology to its limits.