Collaborating with Wieden & Kennedy, we worked on the print and motion campaign for Finlandia's latest vodka flavours. The brief was based around the concept of “The Midnight Sun” - a spell-like period in Finland where there is almost unending daylight for up to 70 consecutive days. We aimed to create magical visuals that portrayed this sense of sensational, momentary bliss.

Through various stills and films, we combined the ingredients, product, and bespoke backgrounds into layered dreamscapes – each with our hero “midnight sun” to create a hazy, warmth. We used lighting, adjusted to each landscape, to create a cohesive look of highlights and reflections to tie the visual narrative together & a general graphically bold treatment to set a modern aesthetic. The Finlandia world was heightened in motion as we used animation to push the atmosphere through an even more immersive tactile world; here we could elevate the fresh & magical Finlandia touch by adding surreal movements to the elements connoting a real sense of transience & wonder.