As part of Super Bowl week, Sphere in Las Vegas collaborated with some of the biggest brands around the world to advertise on their dome. Nike brought us on to create a never -before-seen maxxed out reality for their new Air Max Dn trainers. We have collaborated with Nike on various projects all pushing the boundaries on creativity and fun, this project was to be no different but had an added technical element. Sphere is a larger than life canvas and is the biggest high-resolution LED screen on earth, standing at 366 ft Tall and 516 ft wide, it gave us the ultimate opportunity to explore and push the limits in creating an awe inspiring visual event. On the 4th of February we launched the teaser film which gives glimpses of the toys used in the final sphere reveal. We focused on nostalgia with this campaign introducing toys or characters that were iconic to the Nike brand or the viewer. The entire dome acts as an old school toy game. The teaser film went live on billboards in NYC with the main reveal film going live on Sphere during Super Bowl week as well as across Nike’s social channels.