Nike Road Warrior takes us on a journey through the creative process which is ISPA - Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt. The ISPA philosophy is all about championing creative expression which is exactly what we did when creating the film for The Road Warrior sneaker- the most recent member of the Nike ISPA family. The film relays an optimism for the power and joy of design and creativity whilst never taking itself too seriously. A fresh approach to balancing the hyper-cool design and light-hearted humour that is not often seen in innovative sneaker design.

We created a range of posters and a stand-alone film for The Road Warrior that conveys the stylistic rough and ready approach and humour for each ISPA stage. The film, which moves through low-fi to hi-fi visuals is accompanied by an intriguing range of sound effects and music that juxtapose cliche sounds.